Showtime Online Indonesia, First MMO Rhythm Games

Genre: MMO Music Rhythm Games
Developer: Eviewtec
Publisher: InGame (ID)
Platform: Online, PC
VIP Test: 13 to 17 October 2011, by PT. ingame (Integration Nusa Gamindo)
A new concept of MMO games where players can sing along
his friends or a duet with a partner online gamers,
have been raised in the latest online gaming's MODI titled Info Just Sing, and the latest info mentions in Indonesia will soon be presented by a new publisher named PT. InGame (PT stands for. Integration Nusa Gamindo). Just Sing a singing-MMO-type game, which gives players the opportunity to sing solo on stage, while the character you come dancing to the strains of your voice, as well as concepts sing karaoke-style.

MODI Info as a party game developers this music has also been working with a number of other online game publisher for the circulation of the game Just Sing in countries such as China, Malaysia, and Thailand, then export it to the realm of North America, Europe, including Russia which have shown interest Just to Sing, additions, Just Sing will brought to Indonesia in cooperation with PT. Integration Nusa Gamindo and will wear the title Just Sing Show Time Online will provide value to the voice of the overall player ranking system, and you only follow the words of a song on display through the PC screen while cuap bercuap-in microphone. Interestingly, the characters in the game you will come to dance to the rhythm of the song that you bring, the better the sound that you produce, then the movement even more captivating and alluring. Want to try? : D

If you feel tired sing constantly, it could be "sing" through the keyboard, which means you have to follow the notes and rhythm on the monitor screen, just as you do in the online gaming-simulation genre dancing that has been widely circulated. Can juxtaposed with the second online game themed musical that has been popular in Indonesia first like Audition or IdolStreet? Interesting to see their work as Show Time Online games can be played later.

SuperStar Yo, Are You Ready To Sing?
For you who can not wait to start singing at ShowTime Indonesia, Indonesia ShowTime team is preparing for a special event is a VIP Test. ShowTime Indonesia will hold a VIP Test in early October so that you can already try to play ShowTime Indonesia.

VIP Test Schedule
13-17 october 2011
Every day the server will be opened, starting at 15.00 pm till 23:59 pm
Limited VIP Login
To be able to join the VIP Test, must have a VIP Login SuperStar for a while ShowTime Indonesia is still very limited, then who quickly he will get it ^ _ ^ For KLIKERS who want to get the "VIP Login" through KLIKGAME.COM can do so via the Comment on This article, via Fanpage on Facebook, or send an email to, enough to include only the following words are in your request:

 "Sing along and feel the excitement KLIKGAME play while singing together ShowTime INDONESIA"

 Order DVDs
 To get the DVD installer, you can register on After charging is completed, you should make the process of booking confirmation DVD to number: 0812-9873-9908 that can be done during working hours (Monday - Friday 09:00 to 18:00 GMT). DVD installer will be sent after the production period is completed.

 Client Download
 To get the game client ShowTime, you can download it here (

Minimum Requirements
 Client game ShowTime Indonesia has a size of 250MB, and SuperStar must prepare a PC / Laptop with minimum system requirements as follows:

 CPU - Pentium III - 550
 VGA - GeForce 6600 128MB / 128MB ATI X800 Series
 RAM - 1 GB
 Space - 1 GB
 Operation System - Windows XP / Vista / 7
 DirectX - 9.0c
 Others - Microphone, Headset, or speaker

 VIP Lucky Draw
 For all SuperStar who managed to reach level 10 in the final Test will get VIP COIN (currency ShowTime) is 10,000 at the time of the Open Beta Test. And for two lucky people SuperStar of VIP Tester and have reached level 10 at the end of the VIP Test chance to get a gaming headset that is TTeSport fruit or a fruit Shock SPECIAL GIFT!

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