Soner Xperia Ray

In accordance with the main focus, Sony Ericsson re-developed the Android platform-based smartphone products through the Xperia Ray. This phone is the latest generation of Xperia with a captivating design. Phones with android platform 2.3 and 1GHz processor was introduced during the event Communic Asia 2011 in Singapore. Xperia Ray is one of three Sony Ericsson's latest products that will be on the market in September 2011.
In terms of form, Xperia
Ray similar to the previous generation, the Xperia Arc. However, the Xperia Ray with aluminum frame has a size smaller and lighter. As for thickness, slightly thicker 0.7 mm. This phone offers superior 8.1 megapixel camera with power. Like digital cameras, the camera has been equipped with various features that help produce the best images such as auto focus, face detection, smile detection, up to 16x digital zoom, image stabilizer, aperture F.2, 4, touch focus, flash, and much more. The camera is also capable of recording HD video (720 p).

In terms of multimedia and entertainment, this phone is equipped with an application music player, music tones, PlayNow service, facebook, twitter, google search, YouTube, android model (more than 200,000 applications), 3D games, radio, video streaming, and more. To support multimedia, this phone comes livesound, ie headphones with fashionable design and anti-wrinkle. In addition, available LiveKey the device to access the applications with one touch.
Steve Walker, Global Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson said the Xperia Ray is a manifestation of the seriousness of Sony Ericsson to develop Android-based smartphone and the world of entertainment. "We want to be a leader in that second," he said. (Sandro Gatra from Singapore)
The following specifications Xperia Ray: Size: 111 x 53 x 9.4 mm Weight: 100 grams Colors: Black, gold, white, pink Screen: Reality Mobile Display with Bravia Engine 16, 777, 216 color TFT, 857 x 480 pixels Memory: 4 GB microSD, up to 300 MB Battery: Active talk for 6 hours and 50 minutes, 430 hours standby, the power of hearing music videos 36 hours and 6 hours 45 minutes.

Top Games This Week from Valve

Valve is game store, Here's Valve's report on the top 10 bestselling titles on Steam for the past week:

1. Duke Nukem Forever
2. Left 4 Dead 2
3. Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012
4. Terraria
5. FEAR Collection
6. Dungeon Siege III
7. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Digital Premium Edition
8. Portal 2
9. Alice: Madness Returns
10. Darkspore

Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Gameplay in Wii U

After circulating a new console, Namely Wii U, which is the successor to the Wii earlier, this time Jimmy Fallon closed out his week of video games on his late night talk show with Reggie Fils-Aime showing off Kid Icarus' use of the AR cards, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Check this video out 

Google Keep Your Online Reputation

Google created a feature to help users monitor Internet reputation in cyberspace. Through Me on the Web service, the public can monitor anything that appeared about him on the Internet. If found misinformation or slander, the user can fix the reference itself. "Me on the Web also provides links to sources that offer information about any third party posted about yourself on the website," said Andreas Tuerk, product manager at Google in a blog posting, as quoted by PC World, Thursday, June 16, 2011.

My Book Live, Multifunction Entertainment Center

WD My Book has recently launched Live home network, which provides storage and aksesn fastest content to consumers, and provides the perfect space for the centralization of digital media at home.

My Book Live menhadirkan easy and safe way to combine music, movies, and photos into one location. In addition, My Book Live also provides easy access to digital content through multimedia devices at home that are connected in a network.

Pacarku SBY - Suka Bohong Ye by NINA

Lagu Pacarku SBY, Suka Bohong Ye by NINA merupakan sindiran bagi presiden pilihan situ yang telah berhasil mendapat uang fee dari pembelian pesawat :lol:

Berikut Lyrik Pacarku SBY, Pacarku Suka Bohong Ye
Lagi ini ciptaan mas adam (adam inul kah??? wkwkw tau ah gelap)

Ku Punya Pacar
Wajah so pasti Tampan
Rapi Berpakaian
Tampang Intelektual
Akupun bangga memilikinya
Tak ada ragu ku memilihnya

Pacarku itu
Banyak yang menginginkan
Bisa jadian
Bisa ambil kesempatan
Akupun bangga memilikinya
Tak ada ragu ku memilihnya

Akupun bangga memilikinya
Ternyata oh ternyata
Ku kecewa

Oh nyata nyatanya
Dia sama saja
Seperti juga lainya
Suka bohong iya
Ingkar janji iya
Seperti juga lainnya

Pacarku SBY
Pacarku SBY
Pacarku Suka Bohong Ye {2x}

Pacarku itu
Banyak yang menginginkan
Bisa jadian
Bisa ambil kesempatan
Akupun bangga memilikinya
Tak ada ragu ku memilihnya
Akupun bangga memilikinya
Ternyata oh ternyata
Ku kecewa

Download Lagu Pacarku SBY  by NINA, pacarku suka bohong ye disini 
Source: dan Gasby Facebook

Google Android Create BBM iMessage, RIM Failed

After Apple introduced the iMessage as rival BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Google is reportedly taking similar steps. They reportedly are making a similar service for the Android operating system. The news media first reported by the Wall Street Journal. There are currently no details about how those services, but is expected to be integrated with Google Talk on Android service.Just as iMessage or fuel, the user seems possible to send text, video and photos easily and quickly. This is certainly a distinct advantage to users of the Android OS. Indeed, with fuel and iMessage service, the BlackBerry platform and IOS have a special added value in the eyes of consumers. Google also does not seem to want to pitch so that the two competitors that make similar services. There has been no confirmation of anything from Google about the news. Similarly, as reported by PCWorld.

Gary Thuerk, Mr. Spam iin the World

Gary Thuerk, Marketing Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), an American computer company, on May 3, 1978 to broadcast news about the latest computer sales company premiere in Los Angeles and San Mateo, California.
Upon the knowledge of Carl Gartley, the owner who borrowed Thuerk email account, he sent the first spam to the computer network a number of universities and government agencies known as the ARPAnet, which is the ancestor of the Internet network.
At that time, there are thousands of people who connect to the network ARPAnet, and most of them are computer scientists.
Thuerk himself intended to send email invitations to all 400 members of the ARPAnet which live in coastal western United States.
However, instead of sending an email to each member one by one, as is standard procedure when it was, he decided to send just one email to all 400 people.
Suddenly, the steps taken Thuerk emotion sparked the scientific community who joined in the ARPAnet network. However, Thuerk efforts to fruition, a number of victims that he send 'first spam across the world' was eventually buy the products sold his company. In fact, quoted by Computer World, May 6, 2011, sale due to spam it reaches the value 13 to 14 million U.S. dollars.
'Crimes' by Thuerk was immortalized in a show on CBC television network titled "SPAM: The Documentary." In addition, 'innovation' made by Thuerk also makes recorded in the Guinness World Records as the father of spammers.
When he did what he was doing at the time, Thuerk not realize that his actions is one of the actions that change the computer world, especially the business world. As is known, due to act Thuerk, according to data from Symantec's latest, about 80 percent of email sent worldwide is now spam.
However, in an interview, admitted Thuerk current condition is not his fault. "You can not blame the Wright Broth

Hellbreed Online, Game Online bergenre RPG

Dalam Hellbreed, pemain dengan berani menghadapi makhluk-Nya lawan Menggelapkan dan mencoba untuk menyatukan dunia Manjuri lagi, yang telah dihancurkan oleh para Dewa. Pemain dapat memilih antara tiga karakter dan melawan musuh dalam mode singleplayer maupun multiplayer dalam sesi.

Menggunakan Phire 2.5D Game Engine, dikembangkan oleh studio Inflammables Gameforge, bukan hanya menetapkan standar baru dalam grafis, juga menyediakan game cairan tanpa waktu loading nyaman. Tampilan isometrik menciptakan efek 3D dalam browser yang memungkinkan presentasi rinci lingkungan.

Hellbreed Fitur:
Kompleks rakasa AI
Lebih dari 250 monster dan NPC
Lebih dari 120 dunia splitter
item kompleks
Lebih dari 70 sahabat dan mesin tempur
Masing-masing karakter desain
 latar belakang cerita

Indonesia International Communication Conference 2011 Report!

Hola.. hehe.. langsung ngupdate ah, terkait ICC2011 aka Idonesia International Communication Expo & Conference di JCC Festival Komputer Indonesia tanggal 8, masih anget nih berita dari sana. terkait bisnis mobile broadband untuk pemain Telko (telekomunikasi), namun sayangnya kurang greget meskipun dihadiri Mbah Blog Indonesia kalo bukan.. sttt.. pasti tau deh yang membahas blog and make money (sekilas serasa main , beserta dedengkot dari Kompasiana, Mastel (taufik hasan), Natalia Ardiano (urbanesia, start up, golfnesia) serta nara sumber import. pasalnya...(lanjut dibawah ya ses..)

Saya hadir dari sisi costumer mobile broadband, yag mencengangkan adalah sebuah korporasi besar macam telkomsel yang enggan mengembangkan mobile broadbandnya, dikarenakan indonesia yang merupakan negara kepulauan, sehingga membutuhkan dana yg besar untuk maintenis, sehingga profit yand didapatkan sangatlah kecil. hal senada juga dikatakan oleh the big 3 (bukan 3 hutchison ya, operator seluler kelas china.. :lol: yang belakangan citranya sangat sangat negatif) yaitu Indosat yang menyatakan bahwa indonesia mobile broadband indonesia paling murah dibanding negara lain. :lol:

Kata urang sunda mah, kecewa aing!, mereka tidak sadar akan kualitas yang diberikan, bahkan menurut saya mereka tidak layak berkata itu. jadi bisa diperkirakan kata Mbah Tifatul Sembiring terkati Menkominfo Yakin 'Indonesia Broadband' Bisa Lebih Cepat adalah bullsh*t! like always our government do!. :lol: 

Bahkan Dukungan moral datang dari narasumber import itu sendiri, yang mengatakan bahwa sebagai opsel terbesar, seharusnya dapat menjadi daya dobrak bagi bangsanya sendiri, BUKAN profit semata. namun seperti lagu nasional kita, "itulah Indonesia Raya...."

Kurang greget juga materi yang diberikan kurang berbobot, berulang-ulang dan lawas..

okeh sekian..
oh iya ada hal unik juga disini, yaitu orang bule, keknya dari prancis, mosok namanya kaya urang sunda, ferdi ferdian<< :lol:, gak sekalian maman surahman.
tak kira ferdinand..