Wikileaks Game - Julian Assange, Let's get Obama Data

Wikileaks is a site of the most phenomenal lately. The courage of this site, especially its founder Julian Assange to open the secret documents the major powers through diplomatic wire that leaked it raises two major opposition stronghold in the world. Some agree with Wikileaks and view it as a milestone in the struggle of transparency in cyberspace, and others do not agree with this site and see it as a real threat.

The various attacks undertaken to destroy Wikileaks, and this site still survive. Even the supporters of this site is able to strike back through a barrage of hacking attempts to the sites of the world. The leader, Assange also been arrested on charges of sexual harassment is political motives. But there is one thing that remains a mystery to this day, how to get 300,000 Assange this secret document? What methods they use?

This question may be beyond the limits of our expertise, and we actually do not need to bother thinking about it. Because, there is a flash game that might just offer an alternative answer, and maybe it is true (it's crazy!).

Serving as Julian Assange who managed to infiltrate into the Oval Room, the President of the United States the main room. Barrack Obama is busy with its main laptop. Julian Assange then take action that became the forerunner to Wikileaks, that is stealing data from the laptop. Wait Obama was fast asleep and set your flash drive on his laptop during that time. If Obama is awakened, you have to hide again behind the desk.


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