Rampant piracy, Crysis 2 was oblivious PC Gamer

Crysis 2 occupies Chronology in the UK TOP Chart Sunday New Media Sales husband donated most of XBOX360 console. Eurogamer reports that Crysis 2 in UK sales, as many as 58% was contributed Created XBOX360 console, as many as 27% Made & PS3 consoles for only 14% who donated Created PC (not including digital downloads). Who obtained the remaining 1% is estimated from digital download. If Terliht The Only Only version of PC sales accounted for 15%.

So do not blame the developer if Crysis 2 PC does not take precedence regular version, also Say that the developers do not blame piracy OUT ON PC Sales Demolition Fact It looks distinguished on a PC once Very little when compared to console the New Articles.

For some people who MANY that Say People who regularly buy Crysis 2 is probably not the regular version of the original BECAUSE of directx 10 & 11 And according to one thing also otonashi ITU. I asked how much PC gamers who have distinguished Able to run Crysis 2 with max DirectX10/11 New Articles & smoothly? How much Only Only gamers who rely on visual appearance? Without DX10 visuals & 11 even under good Crysis Already otonashi Graph 2 & especially gameplaynya sizable elbow progressing From Crysis 1 & proved to be commended on review2 game magazine or website.

So according otonashi not cause a problem for graphics & Sales Crysis 2 PC version's handful.

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