T-Bot Online Indonesia Overview

This time the game online Indonesia arrival newest game that is Tbot T-Bot is a casual game that has a futuristic theme. Inside the T-Bot, each user will be given the opportunity to choose a type of robot they like, join the room that made by other users and collect EXP and money in the game according to their achievement. There are 4 types of games in the Q-Bot: Planet War, Battle, Deathmatch, Military War.
Parts & Transformation

In the game T-Bot, users not only can choose the type of robot they want, but they also can modify robot of their choice with all the parts that are available on the "Shop" which can be purchased with cash or money in the game item mall. Parts T-bot is divided into 3 parts, namely: Head, Arm and Body Parts

Head Parts Improving Defense
Parts Arm Attacks Increase
Transformation Influencing Body Parts

Apart from modifying the robot has, the T-bot also has a very unique feature, this feature is "Transformation". The meaning of Transformation feature is that users can make changes in robot or transform them at play. T-bot has many kinds of transformations that can be done by the user, so that they can enjoy the game with a different appearance from one another.

Accessories & Skill Items
Varying the parts is a pleasant thing in the world of T-bot, but not only that which can be changed. T-Bot also has accessories and Skill Items that can be changed in accordance with the wishes of the user. Any accessories will further strengthen the T-Bot and with the skill items, the user will be able to use skills - skills that are useful in battle.

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