Contestants Miss Universe "Lost"Panties, Columbia Habbits? Lol

Being a Miss Universe would not take just a pretty face, perfect body, and broad insight. More important, the behavior is polite and decent role models. But did Miss Columbia Catalina Robayo is certainly not at all be emulated. When present in his official appearance with the 89 Miss Universe contestants from around the world in Sao Paulo (including Puteri Indonesia Nadina Alexandra Dewi Ames), Monday (09/05/2011) and then, Catalina Robayo wearing a mini dress is gorgeous coral color. Fuss, so sit, it appears that 22-year-old woman was not wearing underwear. Worse yet, the action is caught on camera of a local newspaper, and was on the headlines the next day!

"Columbia has been talking to him, and requested that he (Catalina) wearing underwear because what it does very inappropriate," so said a source on FoxNews. "People are very upset with the incident itself there are photographs and appearances in the media where he really showed his crotch." This event is clearly an embarrassment to Miss Universe Foundation, given during many scandals has been created by the contestants. From the contestant who caught photographed naked before or after the contest (Miss USA Vanessa Williams, Miss Russia Sofia Rudieva), make a porn video (Miss Japan Hiroko Mima), drugs (Miss USA Tara Conner), to provide anti-gay marriage comments (Miss California Carrie Prejean).
"Our supervisors have given direction to all the contestants to dress properly, and one of our publicists have spoken to him (Catalina), and he seemed to say was wearing underwear. But in reality, it creates a little problem here for several days, "said the foundation's president, Paula Shugart. Prior to this case occurred, the committee also reported to restore the collection of bikinis from Brazil Catalina Swimwear that became one of the sponsors of Miss Universe, because it considered too low to be shown on television. The company then added some material to cover the bikini, until finally approved by the committee. Miss Universe final night will take place on 12 September 2011, and broadcast live by NBC from Sao Paulo, Brazil at 21.00 local time.

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