Google Keep Your Online Reputation

Google created a feature to help users monitor Internet reputation in cyberspace. Through Me on the Web service, the public can monitor anything that appeared about him on the Internet. If found misinformation or slander, the user can fix the reference itself. "Me on the Web also provides links to sources that offer information about any third party posted about yourself on the website," said Andreas Tuerk, product manager at Google in a blog posting, as quoted by PC World, Thursday, June 16, 2011.

To take advantage of features Me on the Web, the user must have a Google account first. Later, while visiting the Google search engine page, users simply go to the service and enter his name as a keyword of your choice. After entering a keyword and e-mail address, Google will begin tracking the information circulating in cyberspace associated with your name, then report them via e-mail. Sebenanya, method of application is almost the same as Google Alerts that provide notification whenever found in the pages of the website for specific terms.  
Tuerk explains, the application of Me on the Web was born because of the widespread use of social media the names and information of individuals in cyberspace. Example in short, is now commonplace when a company looking for a track record of applicants or prospective employees through the Internet. In fact, not necessarily the information presented there is true

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