Google Android Create BBM iMessage, RIM Failed

After Apple introduced the iMessage as rival BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Google is reportedly taking similar steps. They reportedly are making a similar service for the Android operating system. The news media first reported by the Wall Street Journal. There are currently no details about how those services, but is expected to be integrated with Google Talk on Android service.Just as iMessage or fuel, the user seems possible to send text, video and photos easily and quickly. This is certainly a distinct advantage to users of the Android OS. Indeed, with fuel and iMessage service, the BlackBerry platform and IOS have a special added value in the eyes of consumers. Google also does not seem to want to pitch so that the two competitors that make similar services. There has been no confirmation of anything from Google about the news. Similarly, as reported by PCWorld.
In my opinion, iMessage besutan google android will strengthen communities and erode market blackberries, blackberry thing to do is to make phones with higher performance, because if the fuel features already exist on other phones, there is no reason to give products Research in Motion, which their products seem boring and no change in performance, like nokia are now crying out to microsoft

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