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ACE Online is a 3D shooting game that can be done by many players simultaneously. In the game of ACE Online, users can become their own war plane pilot (called GEAR), in a futuristic world where you can upgrade the Skill or GEAR itself. In ACE Online, the user has full control in every movement GEAR, so very different style of RPG that used only the method on a mouse click. This is a Role-Playing Games (RPG) - or a game of controlling something - but he called the same as playing First Person Shooter (FPS) - shooting games. Because the background of ACE Online is a 3-D atmospheric space, players must be careful because an enemy missile can strike from anywhere and anytime.
Deca is the nation's largest state Bygeniou City United (BCU). BCU government is run by the National Force Union that the initial objective is to unify Phillon Planet. With statement strict equality and unity, they reject the existence of tribes and nationalities. This has led to a rift that weakened the government and also cause hostility both within and outside Bygeniou. The end result is the separation of Arlington City and the formation of other anti-government movement. This rebellion, which is supported by the Vatallus, creating self-government and contrary to the BCU.
Tired of the tyranny of government, most military forces, population, and the government to escape from the BCU and forming Arlington ational Influence (ANI). ANI consists of supporting the resistance movement against the National Force Union in Bygeniou. Steadfastly refused the government's role in politics, many military soldiers who left the army and formed an independent force. By upholding peace and freedom, their goal is to unify Planet Phillon ways of cooperation and equality. This statement was later conflict with the Vatallus because initially they simply act passively.
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