RO 2 : Legend Of The Second

RO 2 : Legend Of The Second ini adalah "remake" dari RO 2 GONW

Taylor with Peco
At level 15 you'll be able to move faster with mounts. Each mount will have certain requirements to meet in order to ride 'em. You can purchase one through an NPC named "Jenny", shes North of Prontera Castle with the "Transportation Managers".
Wizzard -> Sorcerer & Thief -> Assassin

Sorcerer battling a Spore

Swordsman job sliding to Chef "Alt + F"
[avoid doing this in battle]

"Emoticons Menu"
Expressions and Emoticons, can be accessed through the Skill window, by hitting the shortcut key "K" on your keyboard, after which you would then click the icon you wish to use. You can also input in the chat window '/' commands for Social Epressions or '//' commands for the traditional Emoticons, following the slashes would be the shorten name. Ex: //heh

"Taylor's Jigsaw System allows custom clothes pattern"
 To make these weaves and dyes, you'll need to visit the costume designer NPC "Beston" and purchase those. Then you'll be able to apply a set pattern of weaving and dyes from the set The patterns colors can be edited, or shifted with vertical, horizontal axes, resize and rotate the pattern as well.

 "Character Avatar selections - Acolyte"
 Users are allowed to customize their character's their Face, Hair, Eyes, Lips, Nose, and Skin tone.

The Battle is ON! Thief, Acolytes, and Wizzard party up as Baby Wolf, Rockers, Lunatics, Hornets, and Porings fight for their lives

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