Allods Online Indonesia - Fantasy MMORPG

Allods Online is a fantasy MMORPG game, which was developed by Nival Astrum originating from Russia. Fantasy set in the infinite nature of Sarnaut make an unimaginable adventure. In Allods Online, players can explore the extent of becoming a world divided into a mysterious island and the continent, strengthen each character in a way to make armor, weapons and other items.

Players can also form a group to complete the quest together or maybe to fight the enemy. They could come together to form a guild to explore dangerous territory. Players can also travel through a mysterious magic carpet area called Astral. Allods Online has a feature that has never existed for other MMORPGs, with 2 sides, 6 to race, 8 jobs, 28 archetype, hundreds of skills and more than 2000 quests will make your adventure unforgettable. 

When the level is adequate, players can create their own boat and explore the Astral Astral their Groups, adventure, raid, or they can hijack another ship to plunder their goods. Players can also experience unique adventures, such as against other ships, landing on other ships or attacking them in the astral adventures. 

unfortunately, Lyto owning this game.. :nohope:

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