10 Most Profitable Cars

10 Most Profitable Cars

The car is profitable? Indeed, the relative size between one person to another. But for Bernstein Research, a research institute from New York, United States, the size of the gain is not only a manufacturer of sunglasses, but also consumers.

The advantage of the manufacturer, the sales are the main ones. As for the consumer, competitive prices, convenience and security technologies are qualified, daily operational costs and maintenance costs are small, and resale price is the main measure.

Based on these measures, the results of Bernstein Research car output 1990-2011 as reported by thetrueaboutcar.com and autoguide.com, Friday, November 25, 2011, said there were 12 cars of the most profitable in the next two decades it.

"The most important point for the industry (in view the advantages of the car) is a high price and sales volume a lot (BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E Class) and moderate prices with a large volume (Ford F-Series pickup and SUV variants)," said Max Warburton , researchers Bernstein Research.

So, what are the 12 cars that are most profitable? Here's the full list:

1. Ford F Series pickup,
2. GM's full-sized pickup,
3. Dodge Ram,
4. Mercedes Benz S Class,
5. BMW 5 Series,
6. BMW 3 Series,
7. Mercedes Benz E-Class,
8. Lexus RX,
9. Jeep Grand Cherokee, and
10. Honda Accord

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