Nasty Tackle From Beckham! Andik Get Becks Jersey

Becks Tacklink Andik (kompas soccer)
 David Beckham had appeared emotional at the Los Angeles Galaxy game against the Indonesian national team at the Bung Karno Stadium. He deliberately roughing Andik Vermansyah in the 8th minute. At the beginning of the match, Indonesia's more pressing LA Galaxy. David Beckham was so rarely get the ball.

In the 8th minute, Indonesia pressing on the left side LA Galaxy defense. Andik Vermansyah trying to bring the ball forward. As mangkel because his team was also able to grab the ball, Beckham suddenly came from behind and tackle hard to Andik. Beckham's left foot kicking Andik left foot, right foot while kicking right foot Andik, flopping down. The referee was immediately regarded it as a violation. However, a hard foul was not given a card.

Not only that, he then issued the words with angry expression Patrich Wanggai. Either what he said.

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