Malaysian Kills Orang Utan

Chief of Police Public Relations Division Inspector General Saud Usman Nasution said, Mr. PCH, the suspect in a murder case orangutans and monkeys, is a Malaysian citizens. This information was obtained after he underwent examination in the East Kalimantan Police. "PCH Malaysian citizen, this would still evolving. If there are other parties involved in this case, we will settle this case thoroughly and consistently," said Saud in Building Police Public Relations, Friday (11/25/2011).
PCH Malaysian citizen, it will still be growing.
- Inspector General Saud Usman Nasution

According to Saud, East Kalimantan Police later that will establish coordination with the Embassy of Malaysia to take care of the legal process that will be passed Mr PCH. The man is a Senior Estate Manager in Malaysian-owned company PT KAM. He who gives advice and instruction to form a team of pest hunters. Both of protected animals was also considered pests in oil palm plantations owned by the company.

"We inform them so they know exactly that there may be legal efforts and perhaps will provide legal assistance from the embassy," he explained.

Evidence used to entrap him with evidence of the perpetrators of execution, namely the photographs carcasses orangutans and monkeys that were killed. The photo was shown on the company to execute perpetrators aka M G and M for a reward.

Penalties for the company, said Saud, not the police authority, but the East Kalimantan Provincial Government, Local Government and the Forest Service that permit the establishment of the company.

Asked the possibility of outside parties involved in this case, Saud said, still under development by the investigator. "Test results will be seen later. Investigators are still tracing and develop that way," he said.

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