Ical Bakrie Love yingluck Sinawtra

Golkar Party Bakrie (Ical) met the Prime Minister (PM) Thailand Yingluck Sinawatra. Ical fascinated with the beauty Yingluck. "A lot of people are talking about. You're beautiful," said Ical at Parliament House Thailand, Uthong Nail Road, Bangkok, Thailand, Wednesday (11/23/2011). According to Ical, Yingluck also very interesting. Hearing praise from Ical, Yingluck who wore a gray blazer plus black with a black skirt and high heels orange, it seems blushed.

The meeting was attended among others Golkar officials Setya Novanto, Theo Sambuaga, Happy Bone, Adi Taher, Rizal Mallarangeng, Fuad Hasan Masyur, and then Mara Faithful Dynasty. Ical meeting and Golkar officials held closed ranks. Previously, Ical on Tuesday (11/22/2011) said talks with Yingluck not just talk the party. But talk of Thailand and Indonesia in the future.

"It's not just talk the party but Thailand and Indonesia in the future," Ical said. According to Ical, this meeting is the first time. It is expected that the relationship can be strengthen relations between the two countries. "The two parties could support a relationship of Thailand and Indonesia," said the former Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare is. Yingluck is the younger brother of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Thaksin's government was overthrown by a military junta when he was abroad. By the junta, accused Thaksin of corruption and fraud in elections.

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