Toshiba Expensive and Confident

Toshiba continues to believe in selling ultrabook above the average market price. This Japanese PC vendors consider the premium market will be the target market. Yet from the IDC survey stated ultrabook priced at rates that are more than 1,000 U.S. dollars will discourage consumers to buy it. It took several years to ultrabook be accepted in society at that price range. "We already take into account the price range that fits for our products. Premium segment will be our largest target market," said Channel Manager PC Toshiba Indonesia Department, Albert Susilo in Jakarta.
Toshiba membanderol price utrabook debut in 1429 the price of U.S. dollars (about USD 12 million) for a model that uses an Intel Core i5 and 1729 U.S. dollars (about USD 15 million) for Intel Core i7 model. Toshiba claims that the product is a product of the world's thinnest Ultrabook to class today. Thus, this product can become an attraction in premium. Toshiba Portege Z830 has a thickness of 15.99 mm, 40 percent thinner than the Portege R830 series has been launched earlier. Beratnyapun only 1.12 kg, 20 percent lighter than its predecessor. Mentioned about the rising price of data storage devices are embedded in these ultrabook, explains Albert will not directly affect the price increases ultrabook. So far, Toshiba has a factory making hard disk drives (HDDs) and SSDs outside of Thailand, so it will not affect much on the rise in prices, although HDD and SSD manufacturers in Thailand are also flooded.

"It has been anticipated, if using a HDD, ultrabook certainly can not be as thin as that. With the SSD, ultrabook will be more resilient to shocks. Ultrabook So the price was reasonable for society," he concluded.

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