Dynasty Warriors 7 - Extreme Challanger, New Kingdom (Jin) Not Three Kingdoms Anymore!

Dynasty Warriors is a colossal game that continues to grow in Japan and other parts of Asia, Western gamers as a whole has not received Koei franchise that has been long standing. Dynasty Warriors began as more of a fighting game and develop from time to time into the slash 'n' hack Three Kingdoms adaptation we are now accustomed.
Huang Gai (neoseeker)
In this game, Most of the characters in Dynasty Warriors are not even born in the generation that sama.Tidak longer cares about historical accuracy, especially after giving superpowers everyone on Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce. But Dynasty Warriors 7 has taken several steps back from the brink of absurdity with a more subdued character designs and a greater focus on storytelling.

The game is divided mainly between Story Mode and conquest modes. Story Mode through a long series of important battles in Chinese history, the names that you will understand now. Yellow Turbans, Dong Zhuo's tyrannical, rival kingdoms all vying for power
One of the major changes in this game is the new Jin kingdom, the fourth faction led by Sima Yi, and although Jin can be selected at any time, recommend completing the game storyline Wei, Shu, and Wu before diving into Jin. You do not need to follow this a little advice, but for anyone who is familiar with the story of the Three Kingdoms, Jin played the last produce a more accurate experience. Indeed, you still have a preteen scantily clad giant in every kingdom holds the yo-yos or something equally silly - well, Xu Zhu - but accuracy did not take some priority in Dynasty Warriors 7.
Fashion History takes a wider scope, so that rather than choosing a single warrior and play through each story, you will be cycling through the different officers along each faction-specific campaign. Who do you play as a change per event, determined by the present where an important battle during the Three Kingdoms era. certain characters who were present at the beginning of the campaign may be dead in the middle, and new faces will emerge to take their places. Before each battle, you have the opportunity to explore your factions main camp and communicate with fellow soldiers before talking with NPC who was appointed to start the stage. The idea sounds kind of nice on paper, but sloppy execution disappointing. This area is not actually given in great detail, which kills the desire to explore, and the NPC around the camps rarely have anything interesting to say. This effort was certainly there, but 80 percent of the characters banters still falls really flat, an issue that may be associated with poorly written dialogue.
Stages of the actual range boasts more than previous Dynasty Warriors title by throwing in a purpose other than killing the enemy commander, unfortunately, these goals include escort missions - many of them. VIP escorting in Dynasty Warriors is never fun, especially in single-player, but Dynasty Warriors 7 suffer from the abundance of missions. Throws an annoying swarm the enemy with artillery units destroy (ie ballista, catapults, flamethrowers sculpture) and some action thrown stuff.
In between battles, the voice that tells documentorial goings-on across the China war, and this segment is actually relatively interesting if you are interested in ancient history. It's very simple, but also much more effective than melodramatic cutscenes the game in terms of storytelling. Despite the emphasis on the bigger picture, game cutscenes and cinematics take a more personal tone with a focus on the soldiers themselves. This surprisingly complex narrative juxtaposition to the title Warriors, and while I'm not a fan of drama between personal character, easy to appreciate what Omega Force has done in this regard.
Combat has taken a dramatic turn, with a delicious weapon customization system in order to compensate the player character selection restrictions. All officers have two weapon slots that can be filled with a combination that you choose, but their effectiveness varies with each weapon based on compatibility. Give a character-based blade fan, for example, and he can attack more slowly or easily lost in battle. Every soldier linked to weapons EX by default, which allows him (or her) to perform special combo attacks when equipped. 'Seal,' Weapons upgrade, or will be opened as you progress and can be applied to weapons to increase the stat, such as attack a larger or more health. The weakness of one is that after you go through the characters enough, you begin to realize that some styles EX weapons are divided. Thankfully, the collection ranges expansive Musou attack at 60-something games the right character variable, each unique to a person irrespective of overlapping arms.
Whatever you get in Story Mode, either the character or weapon to open, transfer to the Conquest Mode, substitute the Free Mode in Dynasty Warriors 7. In Conquest, you have the freedom to choose your officials have been opened, then take your character through a honeycomb grid map, engaged in a series of separate battles from the main story. Most of the fights is quite simple, to borrow the purpose of phase Story Mode, and much shorter than their counterparts campaign. Special events like the Battle of the Legendary offers original screenplay for certain officers, who do not always relate to the character you choose. Basically, think of conquest as a disruption of the Story Mode, a place to unwind and relax every time you get tired of guarding Cao Cao's ego all of China.
More importantly, the Conquest is where you'll find co-op game modes, accessible from the map screen. needs 'Play Online' to manually activated, and so far, the option 'Quick Match' has not provided any results for me. The whole process is very complicated, and the wind is the best bet to become the Party Xbox LIVE search option, assuming you have a friend who also has a game.
Dynasty Warriors 7 offers significant visual improvement over its predecessor, but overall, the game still looks pretty sub-standard compared with other major titles on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The characters themselves look very beautiful, whether you appreciate their latest makeover, but the environment around them remain rough. Some of the scenes is really like a bad Photoshop job, like the characters have been copied and pasted from the hi-res image to the background blurred. On the bright side, this is probably the first Dynasty Warriors game in a long time lag is not my console to holy hell.
In terms of story, gameplay and visuals, Dynasty Warriors 7 you are playing pretty decent, but the strength of the game is only visible when compared with the lack of predecessors. If you have not been a fan of this game series. Whether you like that sort of thing, or not. And if you play it, be assured Dynasty Warriors 7 will keep you busy for hours

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