Mass Effect 3 Release This End Year

The latest information about the RPG Mass Effect 3, the cover story began to unfold from one of the famous magazine, Game Informer and from the GameFAQs forums, and the core story of this game stems from the end of the story in Mass Effect DLC Arrival 2.

The story begins, when Shepard was in the Earth in order to undergo trial for him. However, in the midst of the trial, The Reapers started to invade the earth. This opening story involves the efforts Shepard blurred using Normandy 2, and started looking for his allies, against the forces the Reapers (the husks of all species) along the road.

Here are some of the content details RPG Mass Effect 3 which will come:
1. Forces combat team that has been confirmed emerged: Liara, Ashley / Kaiden, Garrus (if he is still alive, and James Sanders (probably one of the characters that appear in prime Mass Effect trailer three ago).

2. There the SS Ashley with a new body n face.

3. There are some people who are confirmed to appear but it is not clear, what could be the Shepard tempru team members, namely: Wrex, Mordin, Legion, and Anderson (if they are all still alive).

4. By default, the game will include a comic feature "Previously on Mass Effect" is reserved for players who want to start everything from the initial story.

5. The Illusive Man will also be an important fight, and Cerberus will be a mission to kill the Shepard. The reason is still unknown.

6. RPG elements will multiply, but will not be as much as in Mass Effect 1, but will provide more freedom in terms of character skills. Status variations will be greater skill, and powers will continue to change several times not just once, which will offer a wider freedom.

7. Weapons systems are still like a model Mass Effect 2, but with additional modifications that are similar like in Mass Effect 1. Where, gamers can freely menggonta replace various parts of berebda, such as barrels, scope, etc, etc, etc.. All of these features will affect the performance of a weapon in the battle as well as the shape model of weapon.

8. All character classes can now use all weapons without any obstacles, but will have restrictions on weapon slots that will be taken. Only the soldier class that can carry all weapons at once. Possible classroom Adept, Engineer, and the Sentinel will be limited to two slots of weapons and infiltrators while Vanguard will be able to carry three slots.

9. Mass Effect 3 will have multiple endings, some good endings, some bad endings, and the selection of team members and allies which will be recruited by Shepard will have a drastic effect that diverse.
Mass Effect 3 will appear on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC at the end of 2011

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