Strike Back CITI BANK! - Barbar Debcollector in Indonesia, Killer!

Citi Bank is worst Bank In Indonesia, Stay Awas from It!, but if you've been stuck inside, i'v six steps to strike back Debcollector

This magic moment in the six facing debt collectors alias when installment debt collector motorcycles, cars, housing, banks, rural banks, cooperatives, credit cards, or bad your debt repayments.

Here are tips in dealing with them:

1. Greet politely and ask them to show identification and assignment letters. Ask them, who told them to come and ask for a phone number that gives the task of this debt collector.

If they can not fulfill your request and you are in doubt on them, invited them to leave. Say, you want a break or busy with other work.

2. If the debt collectors to be polite, explain that you can not pay because of your financial condition has not been possible. Tell the debt collector that you will contact directly related to the case your debts. Do not promise anything to the debt collectors.

3. If the debt collectors start debating terrorize, invited them to the outside of your home. Contact administrators housing, or police. Because, it's a bad sign for the debt collectors who want to rob a car, motorcycle, or other items that you are cicil payment.

4. If the debt collectors trying to rob your installment goods, decline and keep things fixed in your hands. Tell them, depriving the action they did was evil.
Clearly mentioned in the Penal Code, which may execute the court. So, if want to take the collateral, should carry a letter from a district court decision execution.

Remind them, your mortgage vehicles for example, is yours, according to the letter of vehicle ownership

This case is a civil case, not criminal. Civil cases are resolved through civil courts and not by debt collectors. That is why, the police were prohibited from intervening in a civil case.

This case became a criminal case if the debt collectors seized goods your mortgage, terrorize, or persecute you. To ensnare you into the realm of criminal, general leasing company, bank, or cooperative will report you to the embezzlement charges.

5. If the debt collectors seize your goods, immediately to the police station and report the case with your witnesses. T

6. Do not Leave the car or other collateral items to the police. Politely decline the offer of the police. Keep the car or the collateral remains in your hands until you pay off or there is the execution of court decisions.

Consult punish the Consumer Protection Agency, National Commission on Consumer Protection and Business, or Consumer Dispute Settlement Body.

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