Infinity Blade Available on Android OS?

For those who never played a good game Infinity Blade on iPhone, iPod or IPAD might already know that the RPG genre game has gameplay that is quite interesting, and is one of the best handheld games that exist today. So far Infinity Blade present only for IOS, and unfortunately the Epic Games as the developer had not planned to release this game on Android.

In a recent interview, Mark Rein of Epic Games said that the fact they have been offered a license for the release of Infinity Blade on the Android platform, but until recently the Epic had not planned to make this happen. One of the main reasons according to Mark will be difficult to get a consistent gaming experience at Infinity Blade in Android. According to him, people who want to play games from Epic expected to obtain a consistent gaming experience, it can not be guaranteed by them if the game was released on the Android.

Of course this is closely related to the diversity of hardware that uses Android as well as the nature of "open source" from the OS itself. Mark also said that Google should better control the Android.

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