PS One Games on Android Market , Xperia Play Rich of Games

In line with Sony Xperi Play mobile phone games, the company behind the PlayStation console it also presents the PS One games on the Android Market.
These games include

     Syphon Filter
     Destruction Derby
     Jumping Fish
     Cool Boarders 2

Xperia Play now been marketed in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Then later visited Spain, France, Finland, Singapore, India and Portugal.

In the UK, marketing Xperia Play was delayed because the operator Vodafone still test the ability of the software, but other sellers are ready to market at a price around 480 pounds, or approximately USD 6.7 million without a contract from the operator.

Xperia Play was launched with 60 games available from various providers such as Sony Computer Entertainment to Electronics Arts, and will continue to be added in the future. There are free games like Asphalt 5 and pre installed Crash Bandicoot.

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